Keep your smile healthy with dental checkups and cleanings

You have undoubtedly heard the old proverb, “prevention is the best cure.” That is quite true, especially when it comes to your oral health. Routine dental checkups and cleanings at our office are fast, comfortable, and economical. They can also help you avoid painful, costly dental problems.

Dental examinations

Many people underestimate the importance of checkups. If you are not in pain and your teeth look okay, why do you need an exam? The simple answer is because your dentist or hygienist can detect developing problems in the early stages when they are easily correctable. For example, a small cavity can be treated with a small filling. However, deep decay can compromise the tooth structure, possibly requiring a dental crown. If the cavity reaches the soft tissue inside of the tooth, then you might need a root canal procedure.

Severe decay is just one of many serious dental problems that we can help you avoid. During your exam, we will check for:

  • Worn tooth enamel, which can lead to decay or sensitivity
  • Cavities
  • Excess wear and tear, which can be an indication of bruxism
  • Fractures in teeth
  • Gum recession and other early signs of periodontal disease
  • Oral cancer, which can be deadly if not removed immediately

Teeth cleaning

Ideally, you should floss daily and brush at least twice a day. This simple routine is one of the most critical factors in keeping your smile healthy. However, no matter how thorough you are, it can be very easy to miss a little bit of plaque here and there. In as little as 24 hours, that plaque can turn into tartar, which is virtually impossible to remove with a toothbrush.

Your hygienist uses specialized instruments to remove all plaque and tartar accumulation above and below the gumline. The next step is polishing your teeth, which smooths the surface and makes it more difficult for plaque to adhere. In addition to the oral health benefits, cleaning and polishing help remove biofilm, leaving your teeth bright and beautiful.

Is it time for a checkup?

Patients of all ages should have dental exams and cleanings at least twice a year. We are proud to offer dental care for your entire family. If you or your child is due for a checkup, please call us at (616) 656-5776 to schedule.