Options for dentures and partials

Dr. Michelle and her team at Kentwood Family Dental Care understand that every patient has unique needs and priorities. That is why we offer a wide variety of dental services, including multiple options for replacing missing teeth. In addition to traditional full dentures, we also offer partials and implant restorations at our office.

Classic dentures

 The traditional complete denture is a full set of prosthetic teeth in a pink (gum-colored) frame. This type of appliance replaces all of the teeth in an arch. It is a good choice for patients who are missing all of their teeth or need complete extractions. Ideally, a complete denture is held in place by suction that forms between the base and the soft tissue in the mouth. However, some people also use denture adhesive to improve stability.

Complete dentures can last for a very long time. However, they periodically need to be relined because the contours of the gumline will gradually change over time. The relining procedure adds a new layer of material to the base, adjusting it for an ideal fit.


A partial denture is a single appliance with one or several prosthetic teeth. Depending on the design, it may have metal attachments or be designed to slip over other teeth. Like a complete denture, a partial is removable for easy cleaning. Partial dentures may be used as a long-term solution to missing teeth, or they may be an interim solution for people awaiting implant restorations.

Implant dentures

 Our traditional dentures and partials look beautiful, and they are designed for comfort. However, some people find it difficult to wear removable appliances, or they want something more stable. In those cases, implant dentures provide an ideal solution. Dental implants are placed in the bone, creating a strong and sturdy foundation. Dentures may be fitted with attachments that snap over the implants but can be removed. Other designs are permanently attached to the implants. During your consultation, Dr. Michelle will explain your options and answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision.

Finding the best solution for your smile

If you are ready to replace missing teeth and restore your smile, we invite you to visit Dr. Michelle for a consultation and explore your options. Just give us a call at (616) 656-5776 to arrange an appointment.