Eliminating cavities with tooth-colored dental fillings

Here at Kentwood Family Dental Care, we understand the importance of keeping your smile beautiful as well as healthy. This is why we offer tooth-colored fillings at our practice. This safe and straightforward procedure treats the cavity and restores the beautiful appearance of your tooth.

What causes cavities?

A cavity is essentially a hole where the natural tooth material has decayed. It is caused by excess exposure to acid, often associated with acidic or sugary foods and beverages. Once a cavity begins to form, you cannot reverse the process. It will continue to grow larger and deeper until the decayed tooth material is removed and the damaged area is sealed. Without treatment, the decay can eventually reach nerves and other soft tissue inside the tooth, causing severe pain and infection.

Eliminating cavities

Treatment depends on the severity of the decay. After an examination, Dr. Michelle will recommend the best solution. That may be:

  • Dental filling – This is the preferred solution because it is the most conservative option, and Dr. Michelle can complete the procedure in a single day. We use tooth-colored resin, which fills the cavity, seals out bacteria, and looks natural. Fillings are appropriate for small to mid-sized cavities.
  • Inlay or onlay – Inlays and onlays are also called partial crowns or indirect fillings. They are made of porcelain, which makes them stronger than resin fillings. These restorations are appropriate for areas of decay that are too large for a filling but not severe enough to require dental crowns.
  • Dental crown – If the tooth is severely decayed, broken, or in need of root canal treatment, then a dental crown is usually the best solution to restore it. A crown covers all visible surfaces with a thick layer of porcelain, protecting the tooth and restoring its shape.

About the dental filling procedure

Our tooth-colored dental fillings are beautiful, long-lasting, and safe for patients of all ages. The procedure is fast and comfortable, beginning with numbing the treatment area. Dr. Michelle will then remove the decayed portion on the tooth and prepare it for filling. Next, a putty-like resin material is applied directly to the tooth and hardened with a special curing light. Lastly, the filling is filled to perfectly match the contours of your tooth and then polished to a beautiful sheen. Once the procedure is complete, your tooth will look natural and healthy – no one will guess that you ever had a cavity.

Early treatment is the best treatment.

The longer you wait, the larger the cavity will become. Don’t delay – call us today. You can reach Kentwood Family Dental Care at (616) 656-5776 to schedule your appointment.